Russian Massage

Russian massage integrates sports massage with the relaxing techniques of therapeutic massage. It offers a number of benefits because the style of the treatment depends on the physical makeup of an injury, rather than the person’s body as a whole. 

The massage therapy can be received for those suffering from an injury, have an illness, or just want to promote general well-being.

The actual massage techniques used throughout the three stages include stretching, gliding, kneading, vibration, and friction. The amount of pressure applied during these techniques depends on the patient’s body state and comfort level. The application of techniques will differ from person to person and the depth of the pressure ranges from light, to medium, to deep.

The massage has many benefits including increased blood and lymphatic flow, healing of acute injuries, relaxation, therapeutic effects, mind healing, and treatment of chronic medical conditions. Russian massage is a great healing therapy, so why not give it a try!




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